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We've had many years of experience proudly supporting Californians on their journeys toward aesthetic and oral wellness. Many of our maxillofacial and plastic surgery clients have reached out to us to leave reviews regarding the care they received from Dr. Elias and his excellent team. We know how important it is to trust your surgeon so we've provided this full list of patient testimonials for your exploration. We encourage you to read through our past clients' experiences to learn what results you could achieve when you entrust us with your care.

Reviews for Pasadena, CA Surgeon Dr. Frederick Stephens

5.0 Review from J.D. Source: Google Dec 02 2022

"Warning: lengthy review ☺️ Was referred by my dentist to Dr. Fred Stephens for my mother that needed an emergency extraction (due to a bone infection (scary and not good) that required hospitalization prior to seeing him; she is also a stroke survivor). Every person we interacted at the clinic with was very personable, friendly and professional; all made my mother feel at ease (doesn’t speak English). Dr. Stephens was great, an expert. They allowed me to stay in the procedure room during the extraction to translate and keep my mom at ease (she is unable to speak due to her stroke in 2020). Her molar came out easily, but he also pulled out 3 dead bone fragments. He explained what was going on, the likely cause and what may happen going forward. Two week followup check, everything was healing well. Two and a half months later, my mom’s jaw developed another bump/swelling on her jaw in the same place. Made an appointment right away to go back. A CT of her jaw was done; this time, there many different views, 3D where you can view all sides of the jaw (inside and out), really neat to see. Dr. Stephens explained in detail and showed another bone fragment trying to find it’s way out. Recommended another procedure to get deeper into her jaw to clean it out for the best chance of saving it; to be done in the surgical center next door. Antibiotics were prescribed for the infection and the procedure was scheduled. It was done yesterday. Dr. Stephens, his staff of assistants, nurses and anesthesiologist Dr. Greg Wright were fantastic; took great care of my mom and kept me informed during the procedure. The healing process begins. I would highly recommend this clinic if services are needed beyond basic dental work. They are very efficient; have good followup and communication, from the front desk and coordinators through to the medical crew, excellent. You would be in great hands and care here. They do offer other services outside of dental, check them out."

5.0 Review from F.S. Source: Google Jul 13 2022


5.0 Review from A. Source: Google Mar 29 2022

"Dr. Stephens is the best!"

5.0 Review from T. Source: Google Mar 10 2022

"Dr. Stephens is the best!"

5.0 Review from A.S. Source: Google Mar 03 2022

"went here for wisdom teeth removal and Dr Stephens was great. we had a detailed consultation and decided which route was best, then Greg the anesthesiologist called me the night before to address any concerns I was having. The most positive surgery experience I could have had"

5.0 Review from T.O. Source: Google Mar 03 2022

"Dr. Stephens is by far the most patient, knowledgeable and experienced oral surgeons I've ever met. He spent time explaining his approach, surgery process and follow up plan to us for almost an hour. We felt very confident to be taken care of by him."

5.0 Review from J.G. Source: Google Feb 24 2022

"Absolutely everyone is very kind, caring, polite, respectful, and thoroughly knowledgeable and professional! We’re very happy and thankfull! Dr. Stephens is the BEST!"

5.0 Review from N.P. Source: Google May 24 2021

"I went to the Pacific Coast Center to have a molar extracted. Everything there has been carefully prepared to give the patient the best possible experience. I especially appreciated that forms, appointment reminders, and all kinds of documents were organized into a folder that kept all the papers together and was very convenient. Office equipment was like new and super-clean. Many steps had been taken to prevent spreading of Covid-19. The best part was the staff and Dr. Stephens. The staff is highly trained to get right to the job. They all know the details of their assignments. They are cordial and personable. They see the whole person, not just one more case to be dealt with. Dr. Stephens was the best. Just the best. Professional, explained everything as it was happening, listened carefully to my questions, and made the dental work as comfortable and speedy as possible. I would recommend this practice to anyone needing such a service."

5.0 Review from Y.C. Source: Google May 17 2020

"My daughter had her wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Stephens. We were very happy about the excellent, and professional care she received. We highly recommend Dr. Stephens and his friendly staff."

5.0 Review from C.C. Source: Google May 17 2019

"The office of Dr Stephens was very professional and kind especially Susan My oral health was quickly addressed with Dr Stephens expertise and kindness Excellent care"

5.0 Review from P.P. Source: Yelp Nov 21 2018

"I’ve been coming here for years. The office: Clean and inviting.The staff: So friendly and human. Addy’s a hoot. The surgery nurse: Constance - I love this woman. Such a sweet and competent person. Plus she talks about food with me which is a plus. Rest of surgical staff is excellent as well. The doctor: Dr Stephens is the best. Super friendly, funny and incredibly smart. Explains each step in detail prior to performing the surgery and why it’s necessary. I had a tooth pulled yesterday and some major gum work done as well. Not even needing the Percocet they prescribed. Ibuprofen regular dose working just fine. They offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) as well as full sedation which I opted for. And shout out to Constance for being a pro with the needle. I didn’t feel it at all and finding my veins is no easy task.No need to be nervous when coming here. They will take great care of you. I adore these people - Steve P."

5.0 Review from J.B. Source: Yelp May 01 2018

"I whole heartedly recommend Dr. Stephens and his office. From his warm, knowledgable and helpful staff (Sue, Addie and Candace) to Dr. Stephens’ superb expertise and great bedside manner, you’re not going to find a better oral surgeon."

5.0 Review from K.Z. Source: Yelp Mar 29 2018

"Dr. Stephens, Dr. Young, the nurses and the entire staff are truly amazing! Its a very rare thing to find a doctors office with an entire staff of compassionate and helpful people! My elderly Mother saw Dr. Young for the first time yesterday. He was thorough, thoughtful, warm, reassuring (especially for my 88 yr old Mother) and his bedside manner impeccable! The moment he was finished talking to my Mother and I before the procedure, I knew he was the right Dr. to take care of my Mother, and I trusted him completely. Of course I never doubted that Dr. Stephens would bring on someone to his office that met his high standards. The entire process and procedure were painless and my Mother felt like he treated her as if it were his own Mother! The staff was also very compassionate and made the process so easy, under what could have been a very stressful situation. I highly recommend anyone with dental issues to visit Dr. Stephens and Dr.’ll never go anywhere else."

5.0 Review from S.W. Source: Google Mar 24 2018

"Both kids wisdom teeth out on the same day! Everything went great with no complications! Highly recommend Dr Stephens and his staff!"

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: Facebook Feb 08 2018

"Having teeth extracted is not at the top of my list of fun things to do. But Dr. Stephens and his wonderful staff certainly make the experience a lot easier. From consultation and explanation of procedures and options to follow up care, they are the best. Well trained and experienced, comforting and compassionate. Dr. Stephens and his staff are simply the best at what they do. I tip my hat to them."

5.0 Review from B.M. Source: Facebook Feb 08 2018

"Having teeth extracted is not at the top of my list of fun things to do. But Dr. Stephens and his wonderful staff certainly make the experience a lot easier. From consultation and explanation of procedures and options to follow up care, they are the best. Well trained and experienced, comforting and compassionate. Dr. Stephens and his staff are simply the best at what they do. I tip my hat to them."

5.0 Review from V.E. Source: Yelp Jan 15 2018

"This office is ran so efficiently! From the time you call to make an appointment to the follow up visit.  They really have a great system!  If you feel anxious about this sort of stuff, everyone will make you feel and ease and will be really understanding.My dentist referred me to Dr. Stephens. I had put off getting my wisdom teeth extracted because I was scared and had a bad experience with another practice.I ended up developing a minor infection in my wisdom tooth which pushed me to finally get it done.  I am so glad I did and that I came here! Everyone I interacted with were really nice and patient.  They never rushed me and always made sure my questions were answered.  Dr. Stephens put me at ease and has a great sense of humor.  I have already recommended this place to a couple of people."

5.0 Review from L.K. Source: Facebook Jan 02 2018

"Dr. Stephens is a true professional. He definitely knows his craft and I felt from the beginning I was in good hands for my dental implant. His staff are all great too and are definitely well trained. Of course no one wants to go through the expense of dental surgery but it’s just one of those necessary evils. Would definitely go to him in the future (but hopefully I won’t have too �)"

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: Facebook Jan 02 2018

"Dr. Stephens is a true professional. He definitely knows his craft and I felt from the beginning I was in good hands for my dental implant. His staff are all great too and are definitely well trained. Of course no one wants to go through the expense of dental surgery but it’s just one of those necessary evils. Would definitely go to him in the future (but hopefully I won’t have too �)"

5.0 Review from S.L. Source: Yelp Nov 16 2017

"Dr. Stephens and his staff are an amazing team. Like so many others who were dreading getting oral surgery, I definitely fit into that category. When I arrived, I explained that I had high anxiety and that I appreciated any measures taken to put me at ease. They did just that, and went above and beyond with my care. Both nurse and dr. spent an incredibly lengthy time explaining everything to me, giving me multiple options, and rendering each outcome. We spoke at length and came up with my plan. Once in the room for surgery, things could not have gone better -- I was very well taken care of, I had zero pain or anxiety. And best of all, the extractions took less than 30 minutes! I was amazed. Best. Dr. Ever! Thank you to the whole staff and team that took care of me and my nerves. After care was a breeze, and I’m feeling great. This is hands down the way every health care professional should work with their patients: caring, thoughtful, ample time, patient, kind and one step ahead of your needs. Truly 5 star quality. THANK YOU!"

5.0 Review from B.D. Source: Facebook Nov 13 2017

"I've known Dr. Stephens for years. He has always been exceptionally professional and he and his staff always go above and beyond to make everyone feel at ease while in the office. They are the best of the best! I highly recommend him for all of your oral surgery needs."

5.0 Review from N.M. Source: Yelp Oct 30 2017

"I had oral surgery and Dr. Stephens and his staff were great.  He explained everything that would happen and was positive and upbeat.  He had a good sense of humor which went a long way towards relaxing me and making me feel comfortable through the procedure.  He is also very prompt so you do not sit forever in his office."

5.0 Review from Y.C. Source: Yelp Oct 29 2017

"Dr.Stephens is the very very best!!!  In December 2016, my 16 year daughter had all four wisdom teeth removed by him without any problems at all.  He and his staff are wonderfully professional, friendly, and skilled.  I highly recommend Dr. Stephens!I have seen the excellent care my teenager received and I have gone to him for my own personal dental work.  I have complete confidence in his care!  Very very happy with this excellent dental surgeon!In October 2017, I had a cracked molar and I sought out Dr. Stephens to remove it.  He expertly removed my bad molar quickly and painlessly.  I am soo pleased with his work that I plan to see him again to install my dental implant.Dr. Stephens’ vast experience, tremendous skill and specialized dental training has been a definite plus for our family.Lastly, Dr. Stephens is handsome too, like Al Pacino!  What more could a patient want?"

5.0 Review from S.J. Source: Facebook Oct 24 2017

"Love this place Dr. Stephens extracted my sons teeth and everything went well. I would highly reccomend him."

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: Facebook Oct 24 2017

"Love this place Dr. Stephens extracted my sons teeth and everything went well. I would highly reccomend him."

5.0 Review from M.W. Source: Yelp Sep 22 2017

"I was very impressed with Dr. Stephens.  He was very pleasant and explained my condition clearly and concisely.  The procedure was quick and efficient...did not even feel the shot!  The wound healed perfectly.  He certainly is an amazing professional.  The office staff was very friendly and helpful as well."

5.0 Review from S.D. Source: Yelp Jul 29 2017

"I LOVED my experience with Dr. Stephens. I had been dreading this operation (extraction of all four wisdom teeth) for years. It was the one thing in my life that I absolutely did not want to do. My dentist referred me to Dr. Stephens and I am so glad he did. Dr. Stephens was incredibly caring and helpful. He sat down with me for probably over an hour answering every question I had and explaining things extremely well so I felt like I completely understood everything. I had very specific restrictions to the medications I was willing to be used. Dr. Stephens worked with me and explained all of the options. We ended up going with Nubaine and Propofol. Which means I wouldn’t be fully unconscious and would be somewhat aware of things going on. But despite that, it was still a great experience. The doctor was so calm and the staff were very caring. I think the best part was how fast it was. I was out of there within an hour. Also, my healing is going extremely well. Yesterday (the day of surgery) I just rested. Hardly any pain or swelling. Today, I’m out and about! Dr. Stephens called me yesterday several hours after the surgery to make sure I was doing okay and to see if I had any questions. This was very nice because it made me feel cared for. Overall, this was actually a pleasant experience (and I NEVER thought I would say that about getting my wisdom teeth out). Thank you to Dr. Stephens and staff!"

5.0 Review from N.A. Source: Yelp Jul 21 2017

"My mom is happy and comfortable to be a new patient of Dr. Frederick Stephens. Overall pleasant and professional clinic."

5.0 Review from K.K. Source: Yelp Jun 25 2017

"Thank you to Dr.Stephens and his office staff for going above and beyond the call of duty and writing a letter of explanation for anesthesia (can you believe it?!) for me to submit to my insurance company. Thank you, thank you, thank you. As for Dr.Stephens work, I believe him to be the best in his business. Aside from my procedure going seamlessly, he also helped my 87yr. old mother. In a high anxiety setting of oral surgery, his confidence is comforting and calming. He was patient and kind with a nice sense of humor. My mother went from nervous to laughing! Neither one of us had any issues whatsoever. His assistants were well educated, knowledgeable, and very capable.  In my opinion, why go anywhere else when you can go to the best? Thank you Dr.Stephens!"

5.0 Review from P.C. Source: Yelp May 15 2017

"Thank you Dr Stephens and your wonderful staff! We went in on a Friday afternoon (near closing time) due to my son having terrible tooth pain - You and your staff stood open late for us and put us at ease about the procedure. ~ Your staff kept me up to date on how my son was doing, they were friendly and informative. He had no pain and very little swelling when we got home - Recuperated fine. Thank you!"

5.0 Review from G.L. Source: Yelp Apr 13 2017

"OMG OMG......I normally hate HATE any kind of work in my mouth...try and stay cool but dread it inside. This time I got stuck getting an implant after having 2 teeth extracted a few months before. Ugh....was even going to justify not getting the implant before the procedure yesterday but having explained thoroughly (numerous times!) the importance of getting it done , I forged ahead. Dr. Stephens and his staff were over the top amazing. Besides being easy on the eyes (this did not influence me I assure you) Dr. Stephens is THE MOST PROFESSIONAL oral surgeon ever. He guides you through everything with attention to detail ,in between in my case, making me laugh with his corny jokes, putting me instantly at ease. His staff is FANTASTIC and you can tell they LOVE working together. He called after the procedure to see how I was doing and I just gushed. No pain, no discomfort, not a glitch. If there were 10 stars I’d give him more. Please, there is no other choice. You must go to Dr. Fred Stephens. Signed, a vey happy patient."

5.0 Review from S.P. Source: Yelp Feb 19 2017

"My mother was seen on an emergency basis and was accommodated right away  The staff is pleasant, warm, and professional. Dr. Stephens skills and professionalism showed through in his care.  The entire office and staff were very welcoming, necessary for those undergoing a dental procedure. I highly recommended this office to other patients."

5.0 Review from C.S. Source: Yelp Feb 14 2017

"$399 implant ads are pretty frightening. If a discount is what you need, then you are taking your life in your own hands. Dr. Stephens is extraordinarily talented in his profession and I am a very satisfied patient. Partials and bridges are really a thing of the past. An implant is a terrific solution for a missing tooth."

5.0 Review from J.S. Source: Yelp Jan 30 2017

"I wish to share my highest recommendation for Dr. Stephens and his staff, from front office to chairside. My necessary surgical proceedure, to remove mandible torii, was painfree, as was my recovery. You will not find a more caring, professional office anywhere! May God bless them all."

5.0 Review from A.J. Source: Yelp Jan 26 2017

"Dr. Stephens Is AMAZING !!! He Has A Sense Of Humor That Makes You Laugh And Feel Very Comfortable While Undergoing Your Surgery. I Went To Him For The First Time Back In The Summer Of 2016. I Was So Nervous And Scared. I Just Went Back To Get The Other Side Of My Wisdom Teeth Removed And Yet Again, I Was Scared But Him And His Staff Does An Amazing Job; I Never Have Any Problems. I Wouldn’t Trust Anyone More."

5.0 Review from P.S. Source: Yelp Jul 29 2016

"My son had 4 wisdom teeth removed yesterday and have been very happy with the care received.  I work in the medical field and appreciate being spoken to in patient language instead of medical jargon.  Dr. Stephens and staff are friendly and available from the first phone call (which is the first indicator/window into the practice) through wheelchair escort to our car.  Clean practice, friendly and professional staff and a feeling of overall comfort.  What more could you want?  I highly recommend.  Thank you Pacific Coast Center!"

5.0 Review from J.S. Source: Yelp Jul 12 2016

"I had several choices for my implant doctor, I’m so glad I choose Dr. Stephens and the staff at the Pacific Coast Center.  Although it was my highest cost option, I can’t imagine a better doctor or outcome.  The only problem is the long delay to see him as a new patient, and now I know why.  Compared to my previous doc, Dr. Stephens was more precise about the pros and cons of my options, and, in operation, more firm and confident, whether packing in bone, pulling sutures tight, telling you what’s happening, etc.  Throughout the whole process, you can feel the experience and high caliber skill of the Center’s whole staff."

5.0 Review from M.C. Source: Yelp Apr 24 2016

"I took my mom to Dr. Stephens to close a nasal fistula the size of a dime. This was her 3rd attempt to close it after 2 other surgeons have failed.  Dr. Stephens not only is a brilliant surgeon but he is one cool guy, always took the time to talk to us at length if needed, always pleasant, caring, and reassuring. Furthermore, his office staff is the nicest group Of ladies i have ever had to interact with in a dr. Office. He was able to successfully close the fistula and improved my moms life by a lot. Thank you to Dr. Stephens for everything you did for my mom. Forever grateful."

5.0 Review from L.L. Source: Yelp Apr 15 2016

"i very seldom do write-ups and reviews on yelp but this had to be one of the exceptions for me. too bad there is only 5 stars as i would have given this a 100 stars if i could.who would ever think think that going to an oral surgeon could be fun. well, i had fun. the reason being is that dr. stephens was an amazing dr. with an incredible gift of explaining everything so clear, that an ordinary person, as myself could understand it. he was so thorough with his explanation but also answered all of the questions i posed to him so graciously. he also had an incredible rapport with me and my wife, being serious and humorous making me feel more than at ease and comfort in his care. he did an absolutely fabulous job. i can not be any more happier. i have to also mention that his staff was outstanding as well. very personable, which added to the great overall experience. i am very thankful that my dentist (dr. peter c. wu d.d.s. in arcadia) referred me to dr. was worth every penny and more to have the expertise and professionalism of dr. stephens and his staff to do the work that i needed to have done. i would definitely recommend dr. stephens in a heartbeat."

5.0 Review from V.T. Source: Yelp Feb 06 2016

"A trip to the doctor is not usually the most thrilling event, especially to me whose opinion of most healthcare providers has soured recently over bad experiences, but Dr. Stephens put my mother and I at ease. Dr. Stephens’ chairside manner, attentiveness and fastidious attitude provided me with great confidence in his ability, not only as an oral surgeon, but as a professional and a person. While it is not the most inexpensive thing in the world, skimping on your health is not a wise decision, trust me, I’ve been there."

5.0 Review from S.S. Source: Yelp Jan 01 2016

"Dr. Frederick Stephens removed four of my son’s impacted wisdom teeth. The front office staff was friendly and professional. The back office staff was knowledgeable and helpful. Dr. Stephens make the whole experience comfortable. All of our questions were answered in advance. Dr. Stephens called personally the evening of the surgery to make sure there were no complications. We couldn’t ask for a better experience."

5.0 Review from R.B. Source: Yelp Nov 17 2015

"Feeling so blessed by the care my daughter received yesterday at PCC! She had woken up that morning with inflamed gums due to wisdom teeth irritation.  I called the office and spoke with Debbie to see if we could come in for a same day appointment.  And I loved being able to fill out the new patient forms on-line!  She returned my call within 30 minutes AND an appointment for the afternoon.  Dr. Stephens and his staff were amazing!  The saw us right at our appointment time, took the xrays, explained the procedure for extraction, signed the paperwork, wrote the check and my daughter was in having the surgery done.  Dr. Stephen’s came to the waiting room to update me after the initial numbing shots were given and then came out to let me know when the surgery was finished. He said he was going to call and check in with my daughter later that night...and he actually did! We walked out of there about 45 minutes after the procedure had begun.  I highly recommend this oral surgery center!"

5.0 Review from R.S. Source: Yelp Oct 29 2015

"Dr. Stephens was recommended to me by my brother for which I am very grateful for.  The Dr. is the BEST! he is kind, professional and very knowledgeable.  The staff is simply amazing."

5.0 Review from C.M. Source: Yelp Oct 09 2015

"I wanted to review before the end of the year. I had a crown that cracked & needed removing.  Staff was very friendly & knowledgable about what my insurance coverd & didn’t cover.  That being said, I opted not to get an implant at the time of removal, but still plan on going back.  I also had a biopsy on the roof of my mouth here, again Dr. Stephens & staff all great.  Get the gas it’s the best money I’ve ever invested in!!  Only negative thing is I play badminton & was dying to get back on the court, Dr. Stephens disagreed that badminton was a workout & didn’t believe you can break a sweat!"

5.0 Review from B.T. Source: Yelp Dec 22 2014

"Dr Stephens and the staff of Pacific Coast Center for Oral and Facial Surgery are the best. Two of my children have had their wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Stephens and he was exceptional. In addition, he and his staff provide the best follow up care in the industry. Well done!"

5.0 Review from J.M. Source: Yelp Nov 11 2014

"I was referred here by my primary dentist for an implant surgery. Dr Stephens took care of my tooth. By the way... I think Dr Stephens looks like Al Pacino...In terms of pricing, this whole process was extremely expensive and my insurance was an unwilling participant. But, I was going for extraordinary care and good work. The staff and Dr Stephens took really good care of me on the day of surgery. I was extremely nervous so joking eased my anxiety. The whole process was as painless as it could be and was super fast and successful! I had zero issues and my primary dentist was exceptionally pleased with the way the implant healed. If you can afford it, please come here for oral surgery. It’s a very decent place!"

5.0 Review from D.R. Source: Yelp Sep 26 2014

"I was so lucky I was referred to Dr. Stephens. My dentist (Dr. Labriola who is also awesome!) recommended him when he noticed that my jaw pain was likely caused by my wisdom tooth in my upper right jaw. (I was born with only one.) So I rushed over for a consultation that day with Dr. Stephens and he managed to get me in the next morning to have it removed! I was a little freaked out so we did the sedation option for the anesthesia. It apparently only took 10 minutes, I felt nothing, and was in and out in less than an hour. Dr. Stephens is very competent and puts you at ease. Who knew surgery could be so no big deal?Anyway, I highly highly recommend him if you need your wisdom teeth out. His staff is also great. Very friendly and attentive. I was so lucky to find him!"

5.0 Review from W.W. Source: Yelp Jul 23 2014

"If you were like me, the last five or more years debating whether to remove those wisdom teeth that never grew out.  They do not bother you or hurt now, but you are afraid one day down the line those wisdom teeth that you never took out start to cause problems.I was referred by my dentist to Dr. Stephens for a consultation.  My dentist wanted me to see a specialist because like I said, my wisdom teeth never grew out and the extraction would require more expertise.  The staff and Dr. Stephens were all very nice and happily addressed any questions or concerns.  We looked at x-rays and had a 3-D image scan of the upper and lower jaw to show the exact location of each wisdom teeth and the nerves close to each tooth.  Dr. Stephens thoroughly explained how he plans to extract each tooth and greatly reduce the chances of any complications during the procedure.  I felt very confident I was in good hands after the consultation.The surgery was a great success.  I opted to be sedated because all wisdom teeth had not grown out and the extraction took approximately 1 hour.  I recommend that if your procedure may take over an hour to be sedated or if you feel nervous about being awake during.The full recovery period was 3 weeks as expected.  The recovery period can be difficult due to not being about to eat and oral discomfort, but medication and rest will get you through it.  I went back for a follow up exam about a week and a half after the extraction and was worried I was not healing properly, but the staff and Dr. Stephens looked carefully at the wisdom teeth cavities and assured I was healing just fine and clean them out for me.This kind of procedure you only need to do once or for some, never at all.  I chose not to ever worry about wisdom teeth that never grew out and I highly recommend Dr. Stephens.I would say the only drawback for anyone considering having their surgery done here is that my insurance did not cover all of the expenses and you may be paying much more out of pocket expense that you would like.  All I have to say is that it was completely worth it."

5.0 Review from S.T. Source: Yelp Feb 12 2014

"If you or your kids need to remove wisdom teeth, you should go to Dr. Stephen.  He is a great doctor with magic hands and my life saver. Just make story short. 24 years ago, in early 90’  I had a bad wisdom tooth, my general dentist spent 3 hours tried to remove it but ended with broke it in half  then he had to call up Dr. Stephen for help. Next day, I went to Dr. Stephens office, he only took about 5 min to remove that tooth. After 24 years, my daughter needed to remove her wisdom teeth. I was not sure if Dr. Stephen was still there. I googled it and found his photo. Amazing!  he was still in Pasadena but in a different location. So I drove about 1 hour and half to there, asked Dr. Stephen to remove my daughter’s 4 wisdom teeth at one time. He did not remember me It was a wonderful experience for my daughter too. She was very happy after the surgery...  Thank you Dr. Stephen !"

5.0 Review from C.R. Source: Yelp Jul 07 2011

"I saw Dr. Stephens to have all four of my impacted wisdom teeth extracted.  From the moment I met Dr. Stephens at the consulation, I knew I came to the right place.  He took the time to address all of my concerns and made sure I was comfortable with everything.  Scheduling and financial coordinating was very easy and straight-forward, his staff is so nice and accomodating.  After my extractions, they made sure I was comfortable and took great care of me.  That night Dr. Stephens personally called me to make sure I was doing okay.  This office definately cares about their patients and goes the extra mile.  So glad I was referred here!"
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