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Sleep apnea is recognized as persistent pauses in your breathing while you sleep. This is the result of your muscles relaxing and gravity pulling your airways closed. The momentary suffocation that results creates excessive strain on the body, which may lead to health complications, such as memory loss, mood change, weight gain, fatigue, and hypertension. There are many sleep or snoring apnea treatments available, ranging from airway surgeries, such as a tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, maxillofacial surgery, or a CPAP machine. Sometimes people aren't satisfied with these solutions. In these situations, they might turn to dental options to help solve the problem. At The Pacific Coast Center for Oral, Facial & Cosmetic Surgery in Pasadena, CA, we produce customized night guards to offer relief to our sleep apnea patients. Dr. Husam Elias is proud to offer you this easy, reliable service to help you attain better health and wellness.

Sleep apnea treatment with Dr. Elias at The Pacific Coast Center for Oral, Facial & Cosmetic Surgery is treated with a variety of therapies. The first is oral appliance therapy (OAT), which can be quite an effective therapy for sleep apnea. It is a customized device that fits in your mouth at night, like a mouth guard for sports or a retainer. The main difference is that rather than guarding your teeth against injury, it softly places the jaw into a forward position to continue to keep your airway open. You will also have digital x-rays performed so that Dr. Elias is able to create detailed impressions of your teeth for your dental appliance. After your dental appliance has been made at the technologically advanced dental lab, you will return to our office for a fitting. The Pacific Coast Center for Oral, Facial & Cosmetic Surgery will contact you to set up a follow-up appointment. Dr. Elias will adjust and fit it according to your needs to get it as comfortable as possible. Dr. Elias will want you to bring your device to checkups and return it every year to examine it for wear and tear. Your quality of life should dramatically improve if you adhere to our instructions properly.

Another option is a nasal CPAP machine. This may be recommended to be worn as you sleep, delivering pressurized oxygen through a nasal mask to limit the obstruction of the passage.

One of your surgical options includes uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP), which will remove or remodel excess tissue in the throat. The surgery is performed in the back of the soft palate and the throat, often containing excess tissue that when cleared may open up the airway and make breathing less labored. Similarly, a laser-assisted UPP (LAUPP) uses a radiofrequency probe in the hopes of achieving the same results. In more complex cases, a UPP may be combined with jaw surgery to reposition the jaw in order to widen the airway.

I have always had problems with my teeth and finding an understanding dentist and orthodontist has always been a struggle. I needed a wisdom teeth surgery ( one broke in half and other 2 were growing super close to my nerves) the amazing staff at this location made everything so smooth. Starting from setting up appointments to very welcoming checking in and out, to the doctor and assistants that were very knowledgeable, explained in a language that anyone can understand easily and yet make informed choices. After the surgery they assisted my family member with my smooth pick up from their office. Overall, their customer service, professionalism and knowledge is what I call a 5star experience.

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Staff is very quick, efficient, and are very friendly. Their office is very clean. I was able to schedule an appointment easily through the phone with no issues.

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I was referred by Dr. Jimmy Dang to see an oral surgeon. The office is very clean. Their staff is very efficient, friendly, and work really quick. I was able to get an appointment over the phone with no issues

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Staff is very efficient and are very friendly. Their office is very clean. I was able to schedule an appointment easily through the phone

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My Daughter needed Oral Surgery so they send me to this place. Everything went great, Very professional, helpful, the procedure only took 2 hours and the staff assisted us on everything we needed after the procedure was done.

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If you think you might be suffering from sleep apnea, we encourage you to arrange for an appointment at The Pacific Coast Center for Oral, Facial & Cosmetic Surgery at your earliest convenience. We have a variety of options that can remedy this condition that can be serious if left untreated.

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