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Replacing extracted or lost teeth are important to the general health and function of the mouth. The Pacific Coast Center for Oral, Facial & Cosmetic Surgery is excited to provide high-quality dental implants for tooth restoration. Implants serve as normal teeth in terms of function and appearance and allow recipients to eat a normal and healthy diet. An implant consists of a sturdy post that functions as an artificial tooth root, and a specially crafted crown, bridge, or full arch is used as the viewable part of the lost tooth (or teeth). Set up an appointment with Dr. Elias in Pasadena, CA to find out more about our fixed implant solutions.

Getting fixed implants involves careful placement of the post and the attachment of a lifelike replacement of the visible portion, including full-arch dentures, bridges, and crowns. Once your mouth is prepped, it will be numbed with anesthesia. Our team may also use sedation to help you feel more at ease throughout your procedure. The metal post will be carefully secured within your jawbone. When the surgical site has healed (usually several months later), we will install a specially made implant crown, denture, or full-arch piece and assess the alignment of your bite.

Patients may notice some swelling, bruising, and pain at the site of an implant. Prescribed or over-the-counter pain relievers and cold compresses can help ease post-op aches or pains. Once the titanium implant has fused with the jaw and the visible part of the implant is in place, it's essential to follow good oral hygiene with proper brushing and flossing techniques. When patients visit The Pacific Coast Center for Oral, Facial & Cosmetic Surgery for regular appointments, we use tools to disinfect their implants and check their condition.

Dr. Elias is the BEST and most caring, professional you could wish for, to take care of you!  From the moment I went for my first consultation, his staff and Dr. Elias himself, treated me like ’family’!!  My surgery, to take out my breast implants, was the most gratifying experience!  He is a master of details, precision, and leaving you feeling well taken care off in every way:  emotionally and physically!  I am a senior, who was tired of having oversized implants, and he was so respectful and compassionate and treated me so kindly, I will be forever grateful to him, and so appreciative of the way I look.  He is a great doctor and a wonderful human being!!!  I recommend him 100%, to anyone who is looking for excellent results in their cosmetic surgery, and at the same time to be treated very professionally by a very competent medical staff and the BEST surgeon!  Amparo

A.S. Yelp

This whole practice is fantastic!! I will never ever go anywhere else for oral surgery or implants. First impression.. you are greeted with a warm welcome by the front office "Susan" she is exceptionally knowledgeable and has a happy disposition that is also calming. First plus. My 18 year old and I were taken to the back and had ct scan done.. how impressive and convent! didn’t have to go to another place for the service.  Then we were taken to the Dr Veratti’s office so she could explain the whole (difficult process in my daughter’s wisdom teeth) extractions. She was very thorough and very compassionate... I am a BIT of a helicopter mom :) she addressed my 18 year old daughter but was happy to answer any of my concerns. We made our appointment for the extractions. We were told that the anesthesiologist would contact the day before which he did!! another perfect asset to this practice he was delightful and did not leave my daughter the day of her procedure.. even WALKED us out to our car!! I mean 1st class all the way!! he also followed up with us after the procedure!! Dr. Veratti is a master!! you could hardly tell that my daughter had extractions after.. there was 4 tiny incisions, she healed completely in two days!! NO swelling NO excessive bleeding!! My daughter went back for her follow up by herself, I was so comfortable with how well I knew she would be treated. Katrina the financial/billing lady was SO pleasant!! explaining every cost to the penny. To sum up this LOOOONG review.. Don’t go anywhere else for your oral surgery!! you won’t be disappointed!! Office cleanliness: A++Location: A+ Office Staff A++ Pricing: Comparable to "regular" oral surgeons but with SUPERB care not found at many offices. Okay.. bye for now!!

K.B. Yelp

AMAZING!! Elias did and amazing job with my surgery I had the lipo and breast implants. Im so happy with the results, I look like a barbie doll!

S.M. Yelp

I had Silicone breast implants by Dr Elias, I went from flat to fab in under an hour, I love my new addition:)I came to Dr Elias as referral from a friend of mine who had hers done by him a few years ago and they still looked fantastic, so I decided to follow him on IG to see his work, it didn’t take long before I booked a consultation with him. He was thorough, knowledgeable and reasonably priced compared to other places I consulted with in the past. I’m extremely happy with my results, post op care was great, he saw me so many times to check the healing of my surgery. I can’t say enough about my results. I love ’em..

J.S. Yelp


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Thanks to innovations in modern dental technology, we can replace lost teeth using the seamless appearance and capabilities of fixed implants. We are pleased to provide implant dentures, crowns, and bridges as long-lasting tooth replacements to our patients in and around Pasadena, CA. To learn more about ways to restore extremely decayed or missing teeth, plan a dental exam at The Pacific Coast Center for Oral, Facial & Cosmetic Surgery today!

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