What to Consider Before Rhinoplasty Surgery

By: Dr. Husam Elias


While cosmetic surgery is often considered routine in modern times, it is still a life-changing decision that should not be made lightly. Not only that but there are several important logistical aspects of undergoing cosmetic surgery that should be carefully thought through to ensure the most comfortable experience and successful outcome possible. In this blog from The Pacific Coast Center for Oral, Facial & Cosmetic Surgery, Pasadena, CA maxillofacial and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Husam Elias shares three essential things to consider when choosing to have cosmetic nose surgery.

1. Your expectations

The results of rhinoplasty surgery can be stunning, but it is important for patients to have realistic expectations and understand that there is some limit to how much the natural structures of the nose can be altered. Still, Dr. Elias will work with you to understand your ultimate goals and determine the surgical method that most closely aligns with those. Some of the most common concerns that can be greatly improved or even corrected with rhinoplasty surgery are:

  • Large nose
  • Disproportionate nose compared with other facial features
  • Wide nose
  • Humped nose
  • Crooked nose
  • Bump in nose
  • Deviated septum
  • Difficulty breathing through nose
  • Previously botched nose job

It is also important for patients to understand that the results of rhinoplasty surgery can take up to 6 – 12 months to become fully apparent, as some residual swelling may remain.

2. Your recovery

Patients should also take into consideration all that rhinoplasty recovery will entail, how much time they’ll need to take off of work, and other details. In the first few days after surgery, patients can expect swelling, bruising, tenderness, and discomfort. Nasal congestion and discharge are also common. There are a number of restrictions in the first few days and weeks following rhinoplasty that should also be considered, such as:

  • Do not blow your nose
  • Do not wear glasses or sunglasses
  • Do not bend over at the waist or invert your head
  • Do not submerge your head
  • No heavy lifting or straining
  • No sports or contact activities
  • Sleep on your back with your head elevated

On average, patients typically take 1 – 2 weeks off of work for rhinoplasty recovery, though certain activities and routines will remain off-limits for several additional weeks.

3. Your readiness

There are several things to think about when deciding whether or not you’re ready for rhinoplasty surgery, one of the most important being your age and how developed your nose is. Although some teenagers are considered candidates for rhinoplasty surgery, it is critical that their noses are fully developed prior to undergoing surgery, as future growth and development can significantly alter the results of the procedure. During an initial consultation for rhinoplasty surgery, Dr. Elias will carefully evaluate the nasal structures and tissues, discuss your health history, and determine whether you are an appropriate candidate for rhinoplasty surgery at this time.

By taking the time to consider your expectations, your recovery, and your readiness for rhinoplasty, you can set yourself up for success.

Boost your natural beauty and confidence with rhinoplasty surgery in Pasadena, CA

If you are self-conscious about the appearance of your nose or have functional concerns regarding breathing or sleeping, you may be a candidate for rhinoplasty surgery. Learn more about what you’ll need to know before rhinoplasty surgery and what results may be possible for you by calling The Pacific Coast Center for Oral, Facial & Cosmetic Surgery in Pasadena, CA to schedule your one-on-one rhinoplasty consultation with distinguished cosmetic and maxillofacial cosmetic surgeon Dr. Husam Elias today.

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