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Minor Surgery Suites

Three private, fully equipped minor surgery suites are available, providing for a comfortable and safe surgical experience. These suites are utilized for most routine procedures and are equipped for the administration of intravenous general anesthesia. All of our surgical and post-anesthetic recovery areas are electrically backed-up in case of an unlikely power outage.  All procedures are performed in a low light environment to promote a calming experience.

oral surgery treatment room oral surgery treatment room oral surgery treatment room

Sterilization and Instrument Processing

Our sterilization and instrument preparation follows the strict guidelines set forth for all California surgical facilities.

To monitor and insure proper instrument sterilization, spore testing is done during each instrument run and documented.  All sterilizers are routinely maintained. This optimizes their working condition and predictability.

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Fully Equipped Operating Suite

One of the unique services offered at The Pacific Coast Center for Oral, Facial and Cosmetic Surgery is the availability of a modern hospital level out patient surgical suite within our office facilities.

The Pasadena Ambulatory Surgery Center, Inc. was initially established as a multi-specialty Medicare Certified ambulatory surgery center but recently has been reorganized and absorbed into our office facilities. This fully equipped hospital level ambulatory surgery suite allows The Pacific Coast Center for Oral, Facial and Cosmetic Surgery  and Drs. Elias, Jun, Stephens and Verratti to provide hospital level surgical care for our patients in a convenient, controlled, and private setting. This also allows a high degree of cost control, privacy, and scheduling convenience for our patients requiring this level of care.

Our surgical suite provides a unique environment allowing safe anesthetic management options for high anxiety patients, developmentally impaired patients, and children in need of our surgical services. Our entire out patient surgical facility and fully equipped operating suite along with our staff anesthesia providers allows us to offer care to our patients without the inconvenience of having to go to the hospital.

We incorporate modern anesthetic agents and equipment along with highly skilled staff anesthesia providers who are well versed in all forms of ambulatory anesthesia.

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Recovery / Post Anesthetic Unit

Our recovery area provides a comfortable, well equipped area for post-anesthetic recovery. A recovery room nurse versed in post-anesthetic patient recovery, monitors patients until they are ready to be discharged. Family is welcome after patients are awake and stable.

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Patient Change Area

Our patient change area was designed for comfort, privacy, and convenience. Lockers are available for the securing of belongings during your procedure. Also, easy access to our pre-op preparation area is available just adjacent to the changing room providing a high degree of privacy.


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