Branemark System® Zygoma Implants, Pasadena, CA

In today’s field of dental implant reconstruction, the Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon faces various challenges. One of the most challenging is the severely atrophic patient, especially when the atrophy occurs in the upper jaw (maxilla). In the past, extensive bone grafting was used as a standard to reconstruct these patients but it is frought with its own set of challenges and complications, not to say it’s inherent invasiveness.

Modern oral rehabilitation now has an alternative to complex bone grafting in the upper jaw. The Zygoma Implant is that alternative. This has also been termed a graftless option for oral reconstruction. Zygoma Implant systems are propritary to The Nobel Biocare® Brånemark System®.

Simple, the Zygoma Implant system utilizes long titanium implants that are placed in consistently available bone in the upper jaw and facial sketeton. These implants are frequently combined with conventional length dental implants for full arch fixed restoration of the upper jaw.

Placement of the Zygoma Implant System required special training and experience in order to fully take advantage of their potential. Drs. Elias, Jun, Stephens and Verratti have extensive training and experience in this system and offers it in these complex cases.

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