All-on-4 Reconstruction

All-on-4 implant reconstruction is a newer concept in implant dentistry that allows full arch (upper and lower arch) reconstruction with the use of a minimum of 4 implants per arch. This is also sometimes referred to as a “graftless option” for implant placement. With this technique, dental implants are placed “off angled” avoiding important anatomy such as nerves and sinuses while simultaneously providing a broad restorative base for fixed restoration.

This technique allows a patient to arrive in the morning with non-salvageable teeth and leave with in a few hours with a fixed provisional full arch restoration. This eliminates the traditional removal of all remaining teeth and removable full-denture transition of several months, which frequently is a barrier to many patients in need of such implant treatment.

Drs. Elias, Jun, Stephens and Verratti are well trained in this technology. The process starts when a CAT scan is taken of the patient’s jaws. This can be done conveniently in our office. This CAT scan allows for the generation of an accurate three-dimensional image of the jaws that can then be used in virtual reality software to plan the implant placement, without the presence of the patient. This technology can be used to simply improve the accuracy of implant placement or to accelerate implant care. This results in more accurate implant placement, no surprises at the time of surgery, less chair time for the patient in the surgeon’s office, and frequently less patient discomfort.

This technology is utilized for selected patients and cases. Please discuss the possibility of this technology with Drs. Elias, Jun, Stephens or Verratti for your implant placement.

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