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Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) propels the body through a normal process of healing at a greatly accelerated pace. This means the body is still doing all it needs to heal but at a faster rate. During healing, a mass amount of cells is rushed to a wound site to begin the slow process of recovery. Platelets are included in these cells, as they make up blood. These platelets are what form blood clots and release growth factors into a wound to allow it to heal. The more growth factors are concentrated in a wound, the more efficiently stem cells can produce new host tissue. Injecting PRP directly into a wound site, therefore, allows us to control this speed and accelerate the healing process even further.

PRP was once an exclusive offering of hospitals, as the cost of separating the plasma from the blood was so high and it took a whole unit of blood to produce enough platelets to perform a treatment. New technology now allows doctors to perform the same separation from almost half the blood and at a far reduced cost.

How does this apply to dental surgery? Bone morphogenic protein (BMP) is a product that induces the formation of new bone that exists within PRP. By injecting PRP, and thus BMP, into a dental implant site, a surgeon now has the control to grow bone in a predictable and efficient manner. If you have any questions, feel free reach out to Southern California Center for Surgical Arts.

Advantages of PRP

PRP uses cells found naturally within our bodies to affect acceleration in our own healing. Some of the advantages to this treatment include:

  • Safety: PRP from the patient’s own blood is used, eliminating the risk of disease transmission
  • Convenience: PRP can now be extracted in the doctor’s office during surgery
  • Easy to use: PRP is easy to handle and improves the ease of application of bone grafting materials
  • Faster healing: The saturation of growth factors in a wound increases the speed of tissue regeneration for much quicker healing
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