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Immediate placement of implants at tooth extraction

Implant technology has progressed tremendously since I started placing dental implants in 1985. We used to place implant fixtures and bury them for six months believing that this was the only way they would predictably integrate. This long duration of healing frequently became a patient barrier to implant treatment.

In the pursuit of reducing patient treatment time, immediate implant placement at the time of extraction was introduced and proved to be just as predictable as earlier techniques. This was easily offered in single rooted teeth but proved to be more difficult in multi-rooted molars due to the larger socket defect and available implant diameters.

Southern Max Implant SystemWell, we now have a solution. The Southern MAX implant is designed to allow placement in large volume defects typically found in molar extraction sites. As with other immediate implant placements, as long as adequate bone exists at extraction, these implants can be placed. The Southern MAX is specifically designed for maxillary (upper jaw) and mandibular (lower jaw) first and second molar sites. They also help preserve the natural architecture of the site, optimizing the final restoration.

Southern Max ImplantThe Southern MAX implant has proven to be an exciting addition to our implant practice allowing treatment to frequently be completed in as little as three months in the lower jaw and 4 months in the upper jaw. Please call or e-mail us at: if you have specific questions about this technology. Or better yet, see us for consultation to see if you are a candidate for this mode of implant treatment.

Cone Beam CT Technology

We at The Pacific Coast Center for Oral, Facial and Cosmetic Surgery strive to practice at the leading edge of our specialty. In order to do so, we have added Cone-beam CT technology to our services. This relatively new technology allows us to now obtain in-office high quality 3-dimensional digital images of the jaws, face, and portions of the head with a tenth of the radiation of medical grade CT scanners. In fact, the radiation is generally only slightly more than a typical digital panoramic scan.

Cone Beam CT Technology

These images allow us to accurately locate pathological lesion and mal-positioned teeth, evaluate bony anatomy for dental implant placement, evaluate airway obstructions in the obstructive sleep apnea patient, and better diagnose facial deformities and better plan for their surgical correction. Because these images are in a digital format, they also allow us to easily communicate with any relevant health practitioner for your convenience. Please call or e-mail us at if you have specific questions about this technology.

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